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Pupuk Organik TESTAGRO


The TESTAGRO organic fertilizer is made with international technology and equipment from the United States. Produced by European standards (PAS1OO) so as to ensure its stability, containing high enough organic c, free of pathogens, does not inhibit plant growth, and fairly neutral ph.

The organic fertilizer TESTAGRO has a high percentage of saturation (95%), to increase the ability of free cation displacement in the soil. This can improve the efficiency of nutrient absorption and water storage of plants.

The organic fertilizer TESTAGRO contains PGPR (Plant Growth Prompting Rhinooacteria) bacteria that help the multiplication of nitrogen in the soil, dissolves phosphates. and produce hormones that are used to accelerate growth, stimulate the crop to root tertiary roots and the formation of flowers and fruits. Made from 100% natural organic ingredients, guarantee TESTAGRO organic fertilizer free from heavy metals.


Organic Carbon > 12%
PGPR min 10e7/gr
pH 6-8
C0D < 400 mg/l
E-Coli < 1,000 CRU/gr
Salmonela Nill
Form Powder
Colour Dark to light brown
Germination Index > 95%
Moisture Content 25  - 35%
Cadmium Nill
Chromium Nill
Copper < 200 ppm
Lead Nill
Mercury Nill
Nickel Nill
Zinc < 400 ppm
Other contaminants Nill Nill
(glass, metal. plastic) > 2mm
Weeds Nill

50 kg Nett HDPE bag